Commercial Offices Sector

We have a proven track record of servicing some of the largest commercial offices in Ireland. As compliance with waste management is coming more important with changing environmental legislation and an increased focus on sustainability, we are the partners to help you navigate through that as we consult with you on what is required and options available for you.

Solutions include:

  • Innovate solutions including 'pull-up' underground bins, organic waste bio-digesters (reducing the waste volume by up to 80%) and compactors, when space is at a premium 

  • Zero waste to landfill, so 100% of your waste will be reused, repurposed, or recycled 

  • We provide bespoke training (written/ video/ face to face for larger clients)  

  • Bin signage and bin store signage as part of the service, to ensure contamination is at a minimum.

Not only that, we also offer:

  • A range of skips available 

  • A managed service where we load the skip and remove the rubbish for you 

  • Also, if you need pest control services, we also have that covered.  

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