Organic Waste

Better manage and protect our environment from pollution.

European Law – The Landfill Directive – states that we must reduce our biodegradable waste going to landfill by a minimum of 65%. At the moment, about 60% of the waste produced by commercial premises is made up of materials that are either recyclable or compostable.

At present your recyclable material is collected in your green bin and your glass is also collected separately by KeyWaste, most if not all of your other general waste is put into your black bin and sent for incineration.

By you using your brown bin you can help the environment and better manage and protect our environment from pollution. Segregating your kitchen and garden waste into your brown bin allows it to be reused and turned into compost for landscaping.

What can I put in my brown bin?

Your brown bin is an organic waste bin designed to minimize the amount of waste disposed of in your black general waste bin. Using a brown bin can reduce the amount of waste in your black bin by up to 30%. The following items are acceptable in your brown bin – cooked meat, fish, poultry and bones, vegetables and fruit peelings, rice, pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits, eggs, egg shells, yoghurt, cheeses and other dairy products. Garden waste such as, dead plants, grass, weeds, hedge clippings and paper napkins can also be put in the bin. For hygiene reasons we recommend you have the bin collected at least every week.

What items are not acceptable in my brown bin?

Your brown waste bin is for organic (food and garden) waste only. The following items are not acceptable in your brown bin – plastics, metals, glass, porcelain or tile, tin foil, sweets and crisps wrappers, juice cartons of any kind, glossy paper or magazines, coal, rock, gravel, soil, stones, clay, human or animal litter, light bulbs, batteries, electrical good, shoes and clothing. Do not put plastic bags in your brown bin, if you are concerned about your brown bin smelling you can purchase bio-degradable bags from KeyWaste.

We also supply a full range of compostable bin liners, kitchen caddy's and pedal bins for the segregation and containment of food waste.

Please click here to print an Organic Waste segregation poster.

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