We have a solution to suit your requirements.

Whether you produce a large or small volume of glass we have a solution to suit your requirements. We can supply wheelie bins for small to medium volumes of glass and bottle bins for larger amounts, depending on storage and access.

Remember to always wash out your glass products before disposing of them. As a food stained bottle or non-glass waste item can contaminate a full bin. Please ensure glass colours are correctly segregated into the right bin.

Please click here to print a Glass Waste segregation poster.

The following items are accepted in a glass bin:

  • Glass Bottles

  • Glass Jars


The following items are NOT accepted in a glass bin:

  • No window pane glass

  • No crushed glass (broken mirrors)

  • No pint glasses

  • No wine glasses

  • No drinking glasses

  • No ceramic plates or cups

  • No Plastic

  • No cardboard

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