Clinical & Hazardous Waste Collection

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KeyMedical specialises in waste collection and the safe disposal of hazardous waste nationally.

We cater for all sectors including Dental, Pharmacy, Medical Practices, Nursing Homes, Hopsitals, Beauty Salons and Tattoo Artists enabling us to do site audits with experience and ease, to ensure you really get what you need. 

The safe management of hazardous waste is paramount not only for the producer on-site but equally during the onward transportation and disposal processes.  We take hazardous waste collection very seriously and follow all of the European guidelines.  Our drivers are all fully Hazchem trained and certified.

We dispose of Infectious Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste, Sharps Bins, Clinical Waste, Chemical Waste and more.  If you are looking for something specific, here are more details:  

  • Infectious Waste includes PPE, soiled dressing, swabs, vomit bowls and incontinence pads along with needles and sharps

  • Medical Waste includes time expired, surplus medicines and pharmaceuticals including bottles and blister packs

  • Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Waste includes waste contaminated with these medications

  • Anatomical Waste includes tissue and body parts

  • Dental Waste includes Amalgam, Gypsum and Lead waste

  • Other Waste includes waste oil, contaminated soils, liquid waste, asbestos and paints.

This isn't our full list of services as we manage the disposal of hundreds of the EWC codes (European Waste Catalogue list), so contact us if you have any waste not on the list above.

The waste containers we provide include:

  • Sharps bins

  • Purple lidded bins used for cytotoxic or cytostatic waste. Disposal method: Incineration

  • Orange lidded bins used for infectious waste. Disposal method: Incineration

  • Red lidded bins used for anatomical waste. Disposal method: Steam sterilisation

  • Yellow with no black stripe bins are used for hazardous waste. Disposal method: Steam sterilisation

  • Blue lidded bins are used for medicinal waste. Disposal method: Steam sterilisation

  • We also do Yellow bags with a black line used for PPE and face covering.  Disposal method: Steam sterilisation.


We have a handy guide for our customers to help segregation of the right waste into the right bins.

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