Positioning & Filling

Guidelines for positioning & filling

Please note the following guidelines when positioning your BabySkip

CAUTION: When you start loading your BabySkip it should not be moved. Doing so could damage the bag or cause injury! Please ensure the outer display bag is recycled safely, and kept out children’s reach.

  1. If you are positioning your BabySkip on a public footpath or highway you may need to obtain permission from your local council.

  2. Please ensure your BabySkip is positioned within 14 feet of a Public Road. (We use a hydraulic lifting crane to lift your BabySkip, which has a maximum reach of 14 feet from a public road.) Trucks will not be able to drive on kerbs, grass verges, paths etc. so take this into account when placing the bag.

  3. Heights of walls/fences/gates should also be taken into account. Our drivers have to be able to access the bag to attach the lifting hooks. 

  4. Please ensure the public road is a minimum of 11 feet wide. Take into account cars, which may be parked on either side of the road. If the road/gate etc. is narrow please inform us when placing the order so we can route the most appropriate truck to collect. 

  5. There must be a 2-foot clearance around the bag to allow for bag swing when it is lifted. When you are placing your bag please leave a gap of at least a couple of feet from walls, gates & vehicles to avoid any risk of damaging during the lifting. 

  6. Position your BabySkip away from parked cars, trees, overhead wires and high walls. There must be clear access for the crane to operate safely and we will not be able to lift a bag if there are obstructions or risk to the driver.

  7. The trucks are heavy goods vehicles. Ensure that there are no drain covers, manholes, kerbs etc that the truck may pass over to access the bag as they can be damaged and we will not accept responsibility for such damages.

  8. Note that depending upon the weight and positioning of your bag, it is not always possible to lift it straight up. The bag may be scrapped along the ground slightly when lifting so if you are placing on cobblestones, grass etc ensure the bag is placed closer to the road than the maximum 14ft and do not overfill or place excessive weight in the bag. 

  9. Be sure to follow these guidelines to ensure your BabySkip will be collected without any additional charges.

How to fill your BabySkip:

  1. Remove your BabySkip from the display bag and lay it flat on the area where you intend to fill it.

  2. Fold down all four sides until they become rigid. This will create a base which will allow you to start filling your BabySkip.

  3. When your BabySkip is half full, pull up all four sides. This will allow you to finish filling the BabySkip.

  4. Please ensure your BabySkip is not overfilled. Level load only to the top of the bag. If your BabySkip is overfilled you may incur additional charges.

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