Your BabySkip™ questions answered

There are many questions that arise when customers are considering BabySkip™ bags and collection.

Below we have endeavoured to answer the most frequently asked questions that come from new and existing customers. If the answer to your query is not listed below, please contact us on 0818 888 222 or click here to send an online query or use the chat feature to talk directly to our customer service team. While you are not obliged to use Key Waste to lift your Babyskip™ Bag, you must use an authorised waste collector. They must have both a Waste Collection Permit issued by the NWCPO and a vallid permit to lift in your area from your local county council.  We have been made aware from several county councils that unauthorised collectors are responsible for dumping of skipbags illegally. You as the disposer of the waste will be fined and prosecuted by the local authority. 

The 1890 number on my bag isn't working?

We recently changed the 1890 number due to new phone regulations on the 31st Dec 2021.  The new number is 0818 888 222.  Alternatively click here to send an online query or use the chat feature to talk directly to our customer service team.

Where can I purchase your bags?

You can purchase our skip bags in most DIY stores. Please click here for a list of our stockists.

I have overfilled my bag. Can you still lift it?

For the safety of our drivers, the public and your property, we cannot collect overfilled skip bags. The bags are specifically designed to accommodate safe lifting weights and the driver must be able to safely attach the lifting hooks and be able to lift the bag without the risk of items falling and causing injury. We therefore have a strict policy that overfilled bags will not be lifted and you will be asked to rearrange the collection after the bag is made safe to lift. Please also note that due to the weight of soil, stone, concrete and similar only the mini or mega bag should be used for these type of materials. 

Can we lift over a wall?

Yes, our hydraulic lifting crane can lift over walls with a height of no more than 4ft. There must be access into the area where the bag is located to allow our driver space to hook the bag onto the crane. There must be no overhead wires or trees in the way. If it is not safe to lift you will be asked to move the bag to a different location and rearrange the collection. Note that the driver must be able to reach the bag in order to attach the crane hooks so there must be access for the driver.

Can we collect from a back/narrow lane?

Ideally we try not to collect bags from lanes as this can cause access issues for our truck. If you need to position your BabySkip bag down a lane, the lane must be wide enough to facilitate a fire engine. The laneway must always be clear as our drivers can call very early morning or late evening and at weekends.

How big is your BabySkip truck?

We have a variety of trucks but at a minimum access must be able to accommodate a truck that is 11ft wide and 33ft feet long. It also requires 1 foot on either side to gain access into narrow areas. Approximately the same size as a fire engine. Also note that due to weight of the trucks, they are not suitable to drive across gardens, gravel, grass, lawns or similar. If you place the bag where the truck will need to pull up on such surfaces, we may not be able to lift your bag and if we can, then Key Waste will not be liable for any damage to such property.

Can we collect from a basement?

No, unfortunately this is not a service we can provide. However we can provide a wait and load service where you can arrange for a collection service by one of our vans and crew. Charges vary depending upon the size of the van required and the time taken to manually remove the waste. click here for details.

Can we collect from a garage?

No, unfortunately this is not a service we can provide as our truck is too large to reach into a garage. As above, for more information on our wait and load services, click here.

Can we collect competitors bags?

Yes, we can collect competitor’s bags as long as they are in our coverage area. We do not collect builders bags as often they have been used previously to transport heavy building materials and are not safe to lift when reused . During peak times ( Apr-Sep ) this may not always be possible. Please call our office or use the chat facility to check if we have available slots and for pricing. 

What can I put in the bag?

Our bags are suitable for the following waste materials – garden waste, household bulky waste but not domestic mixed municipal waste that would go in your regular bin, building materials, metal, wood, shed or garage clearance etc. For a full list of what you can and can’t put in your BabySkip bag please click here.  Please use your local authority for the disposal of WEEE, paints, oils, chemicals, fluorescent tubes/ light bulbs, batteries, tyres. Many offer disposal of these hazardous materials free of charge or for a small charge. Please help us so that these materials do not contaminate other materials that we can recycle safety and avoid having to send to landfill.

Can I pay by cash?

We do not allow our drivers to accept cash for security reasons and our driver may call when you are not home and will then not be able to collect your bag and it will have to be rescheduled.  Our bags must be paid for using credit card or laser card. If this is not possible for you please contact our office to discuss options such as bank transfer or cheque/bank draft.

Do I get a discount if I pay online?

We do various promotions during the year where we will advertise a voucher code either on the website, on promotional materials, in store or on adverts. You can use these voucher codes online to receive discounts on your BabySkip collection. 

Can I get a call when the driver is on the way?

It is not always possible for us to contact you in advance of collection as due to operational reasons such as weather conditions, delays or breakdowns routes may have to be rearranged at short notice. Many of our routes start in the very early morning pre 6am. However please request at the time of booking if you have a specific requirement and we will do our best to contact you in advance. 

Do I have to be there to meet the driver?

No, we do not require you to be there to meet the driver as you pay for collection in advance so we do not require you to be there. However the bag must be accessible to the driver so that they can safety attach the lifting hooks to the bag. 

What can I not put in my bag?

You cannot dispose of hazardous, clinical waste, electrical waste and rubble in our BabySkip bags – for a full list of what you can and can’t put in your BabySkip bag please click here.

Can you lift over a hedge?

Yes, we can lift over a hedge provided it is no more than 4ft high. However there must be access to the bag.

What areas do you collect from?

We collect BabySkip bags in all of Dublin and in certain areas in the following counties – Kildare, Wicklow, Louth, Meath, Waterford, Cork and Limerick. Check the maps section for more specific details. Remote areas may not be covered or may be subject to a delayed collection time.

Do I get my bag back after it has been collected?

No, your bag will be tipped with your waste in it, where it is then recycled.

How far from the road does my bag have to be?

Your bag can be no more than 14ft from a public road in order for our truck to be able to access it. Please take into account that the truck will not be able to park on the kerb/footpath so measure from the kerb on the main road. Take note of trees, overheads wires, wall/hedge heights and other hazards that would prevent the crane from lifting safety. 

Can I put electrical waste into my bag?

No, BabySkip bags are not suitable for electrical waste. For more information on WEEE – electrical waste disposal please click here. Your local county council or authority will take many electrical items free of charge or for a minimal fee.

How long does it take for my bag to be collected?

After booking in and paying for your bag to be lifted, it will be normally be collected within 5 working days ( Mon-Fri). During peak season ( May-Sep) or depending upon the area, this can be longer. 

Can I have my bag collected on a specific day?

No, unfortunately the bags are automatically routed according to the area on predefined days of the week. 

Can I have my bag collected at a specific time?

This is not a service we can provide as there are too many operational variables that can impact on collection times. 

Can I put domestic general waste in my bag?

You can dispose of household bulky waste, but you cannot put food or ‘wet’ waste in a BabySkip bag. 

Where does my full skip bag go?

Your full BabySkip bag will be brought to a licensed transfer facility where it will be segregated and sorted, where we guarantee to recycle as much of your waste material as possible.

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