Why use AllJunk?

It makes sense to use AllJunk

Whether you're time poor and can't get around to disposing of the junk yourself, or your home or business is in an awkward location where skip delivery is difficult, we can assist by providing a hassle free service. See the benefits of using the AllJunk service below. You won't be disappointed! Simply call us on 01 4299846 and a member of our AllJunk customer services team will discuss your requirements and give you a no-obligation quotation.

Why use All Junk rather than doing it yourself?

  • We do all the hard work.
  • We take the hassle out of hiring and filling a skip.
  • We call to your house or business to collect the junk.
  • No spending your day off loading junk and queuing to unload.
  • No need to borrow vans or trailers.
  • Avoid getting your car or van dirty and damaged going to a civic amenity site.

Why use us rather than hire a skip?

  • We do all the lifting.
  • If you live in an apartment or at a location where skips can’t be dropped.
  • You won’t have a skip in your driveway.
  • No “neighbours” filling your skip by night.
  • No need to get a skip permit.
  • For bulky items we take more than a skip for less than the cost of a skip.
  • A skip truck needs more room for access then we do!

What are we ideal for?

  • Household Junk.
  • Shed and attic clear-outs.
  • Commercial and office junk removal.
  • Removal of junk from an apartment.

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